N-tonic is a full service digital production facility specializing in creating and coding branded, interactive content that utilizes the full potential of the internet and other interactive digital mediums. Our company draws from a diverse and highly awarded group of accomplished artists and technologists who create innovative products through the juxtaposition of traditional art techniques and current technologies. We offer expert craftsmanship and services for corporate and government clients, and have helped to revolutionize home testing for STDs in the State of California.

When one writes code, the most common letter, or variable is “N.” And if you look up “tonic” in the dictionary, you will find that one of its definitions is “An invigorating, refreshing, or restorative agent or influence.”


N-tonic was born from the desire to see a balanced relationship develop between Art and Technology. The founding members of N-tonic have extensive backgrounds in Classical Arts and Entertainment Production, Creative web production, Game development, Web technologies, Entertainment production technologies, Corporate level software engineering and Research level technical concepts.



At N-tonic, we utilize a network of designers that provide a vastly divergent array of styles and techniques. Our designers are well versed in navigational work flow and visual cues that are important to a successful interface, layout or complete web site.


N-tonic offers a team of experts in software development, Internet infrastructure, interface design, web-programming, and project management whose passion is the engineering of elegant, user-focused web sites, software applications and industrial grade hosting solutions.

Product Development

N-tonic partners with their clients to provide valuable insight into Graphic Design, UI/UX, System Architecture, and Programming strategies & solutions to help achieve project goals on time and on budget.


Health Services

Alameda County Department of Public Health

California Department of Public Health

Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services

County of Sacramento Department of Health and Human Services

County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

National Institute of Health

Sentient Research


Absolut Vodka

Affinity Peak

Belli Skincare


Carol Hoffman Design

Casablanca Fan Co.

Climate Counts

Discovery USA

Fraser Communications

FrontRunners Los Angeles


Joe Management

Kathryn Russell Studios

Lazaroff-Dundore & Associates


Lions Gate Entertainment


New Balance Los Angeles

Renie Design

Saville Productions

Sony Classical

Sports TV Insider

TBWA-Chiat Day

Universal Studios

University of Southern California


Warner Brothers

Wireless Generation


2007 Top 10 Most Reliable Web Design Firms in Southern California

Academy Award nomination in the category of Animated Short Film

Creative Director for the Absolut Panushka Project, winner of numerous industry & festival awards, including Communication Arts, Holland International Film Festival and the World Animation Celebration


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